I have done a lot of noteworthy things in my life. I’ve accomplished many goals but by far my greatest achievement has been making it to the National All American Team. I am a clogger and have been for 11 years. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to dance or do any other type of sport. You have to sacrifice lots of time, time that you could spend with friends or doing other things you enjoy.
I first was interested in clogging when I was seven years old. My cousins had started dancing and they had told my sisters and me how much fun it was. Soon after that, my mom had signed my sisters and me up for dance.
I can still remember my very first dance class I went to. Our teacher Lindsey was young and beautiful. She had showed us a few of her routines and I remember thinking that looked so hard. There is no way that I could ever do that. Before we started dancing, our teacher told us the history behind clogging and what clogging was exactly. After she had finished explaining, we stood up and she showed us a few simple steps. We practiced them for the rest of the class. I got the steps down pretty well and even kept practicing them when I went home that night. I was a little frustrated, I wanted to be a way good dancer right of the bat. Week after week I went to class. I’d come home with sore legs and sore toes. I’d be so exhausted the next day. Dance requires so much physical strength and energy.
As the years went on, I progressed slowly. Waking up early in the morning to dance and staying late in the evening at the studio wasn’t always my favorite thing to be doing on a Saturday. Although I wanted to give up and quit many times, I pushed through the hard times.
Eleven years later, I’m still dancing and loving it. There are five levels of clogging and I am at the top. I am currently dancing on the same team my beautiful teacher Lindsey is dancing on. Every clogger’s goal is to make it to the National All American Team. You have to go to a series of three competitions to qualify to try out for the team. I went through my competitions and competed against two girls to make the team. I beat the girls and made the team.
Dancing has done more for me then just makes me a good dancer. It has made me be a great person. I have learned to be responsible, be a hard worker and get things done if I put my mind to it.