Football stadium
Fans screaming and going nuts
Victory at last

Flash Fiction
Getting off the bus and walking to the massive stadium reminded the boys of last year's disappointing game. Standing on the field in uniform as a team brought back many vivid horrible memories. The frightened football players began to prepare themselves for the game.
The cold morning left droplets of dew on the green grass. The air smelled of dirt, fresh mountain air and dedication. It was game day. The sun was just coming over the mountain and warming the Earth.
People started to populate the stadium. As it grew closer to kickoff, the audience held their breath in anguish. The players had a pit in their stomach. Game time. They walked out onto the field under the brightening sun. The whistle blows and the game begins.

To my AJ
For helping me stand when
I couldn't find the strength
For helping me breathe when
I couldn't catch my breath
For helping me see when
I was blind
For loving me when
No one else did

Another Haiku
His eyes look at mine
My beautiful love AJ
He is so perfect

Rhythm Poem

A long time in the summer heat
can make you feel tired and beat
If you don't drink lots of water
you'll sure feel much hotter

it's fun to chill by the pool
but don't be a fool
learn how to swim
then you can jump right in.