A Backlash Against Arab Americans

Abstract: September 11,2001 was a year to remember. The terrorist attack on the Trade Center and Pentagon started violence in America. Americans knew they were Arabs who had done this attack. It had killed so many innocent people.o They didn't deserve to die. Americans made fun of the Muslims and their culture. Even people of this culture living in America were disrespected. President Bush appealed to the nation for tolerance but it did little to stem the hostility and violence. A war started.

Contextual Connection: I remember this day very well. I was in fourht grade. It was scary to be so young and see so many people die. Not knowing why someone had just killed many people was a mystery to all. I thought that all of our dads would have to go to war. The thought of that scared me. It was all over the news and I watched it many times. I think violence is not the answer to anything. Peace should be worldwide.